Unfortunately there is not ethernet jack near by and I would have to run a cord across my place. If they do not know your router’s username and password then you may have to follow our How To Reset Your Router Guide. I have been for many years and continue to be a dd-wrt user. When I reboot the client, the link will re-establish itself. The data transfer speeds are still 54mb. As a matter of fact … it worked great for 2 months till I set up wep on all 5 routers.

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You should be able to ping and access all routers through anyother router. Will this system work if both routers are connected to the internet?

It depends on smc2804wbrp g the PC connected to this 2nd AP will be doing. smc2804wbrp g

Great tutorial, I finally got this to work. Hi all — Firstly many thanks for the tutorial! Do you have any video of that? Out of smc28804wbrp the tutorials online, this one makes the most sense.

Would using samba or nfs or ftp or some other protocol improve things note, i am a complete networking newbie!

Do I have to duplicate all my service configurations on Smc2804wbrp g router as well? After you get your routers to see each other you should smc280w4brp be able to connect with your laptop, smc2804wbrp g wireless computer if thats what you are connecting to.

It is a bit more compatible in some cases.

DD-WRT: Setting up a home Wireless Distribution System (WDS) – Meandering Passage

Nikon D Technical Service Advisory. If you have 2 internet connections you will be getting a wireless signal from each router that is a faster signal than that of smc2804wbrp g wds. If using 54g v7 or earlier.

You smc2804wbrp g need to pay attention to the NAS you smc2804wbrp g I have had a couple of NAS and the bottleneck was at the nas for me… data transfer on those things are horrible… Smc2804wbrp g it has changed in the last year, I would consider putting in a 1tb hdd on your xp box… sharing the drive and making sure you are using gb ethernet in addition to your n….

I have found that it is really only feesable at this point to set up a wds system with 1 router and 1 repeater PER hard wire port from the original point smc2804wbrp g connection… in otherwords you can have 6 routers as long as those routers have dhcp addressing turned off and are set to static ip address and are originating from 1 router that has dhcp addressing turned on.


DD-WRT: Setting up a home Wireless Distribution System (WDS)

Problem is cant ping the 2 client routers that are using ddwrt v24rc5. For msc2804wbrp AP and smc2804wbrp g I am still using dd-wrt. Make sure you typed these MAC Address numbers correctly then save your settings.

Directions for this explaination are here… http: Im smc2804wbrp g, currently, sveasoft talisman because i found that i can up the mw on the routers… dont need much but mw instead of 50mw will make a bit of difference.

Mine is at 53 After you get your routers to see each smc2804wbrp g you should now be able to connect with your laptop, or wireless computer if thats what you are connecting to. I have never tried that … smc2804brp, my guess is that it smc2804wbrp g not work unless you have a dual wan router that is wired directly to both routers.

Hoping someone can give me a hand here, I had good success last night configuring my WDS network, i. Your 54g router becomes 27 with one router. If you did this and the smc2804wbrp g are correct take a look at dnsmasq smc2804wbrp g disable dns masking. In addition … i am not a netgear,or belkin xmc2804wbrp and trendnet is abit farther down my list of preferred routers.

Go plug into router 2 see if you can connect smc2804wbrp g to router 1 and get on the internet there.

I will have to admit one drawback to ubiquiti is smc2804wbrp g h to UP the signal strength. Robert, it was always a pain to get wds working correctly. Shiv 22 Jan at 9: I have done this and had the same problem, tried a couple different smc2804wbrp g settings smc2804wbrp g the only one I could get to work was WEP.

I am using an opensource project called Tomato http: It allows a wireless network to be expanded using multiple access points without the need for a wired backbone to link them, as is traditionally required.

It is also my opinion someone please correct me if I am wrong using ftp, samba or any other protocol just adds smc2804wbrp g to the data being transferred.

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