Probably you still have warranty from PCHub? There is nothing live threatening. This is the Jack only, you will need to reuse your harness. I have a Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC and for the last week or so there have been red pixels on my display and some white areas appear aqua. Yesterday it quit again.

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I gateway 400vtx hooked up an external monitor and it works but the picture is smaller than the screen.

Apparently there gateway 400vtx a faulty element on the LCD controller board and sometimes this element works fine. Sorry for my long winded explanation.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter

The cable has a single thread that corresponds directly to every vertical line going gateway 400vtx the screen. Yesterday it quit again.

Do you think that the onboard video chip is broken? This laptop displays inverted colors right from the startup. E Emachines E Series: You should ask the technician how he came to that conclusion. I want to replace it and have already taken it apart, but I dont gateway 400vtx what to use to find the replacement part because gateway 400vtx doesnt have a tag on it like the one gateway 400vtx your guide. If any one knows how to fix it please comment.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

I am now at a loss. Yes, it could be gateway 400vtx backlight lamp failure but try replacing inverter first. Talk to your gatesay and ask what he did. Any gateway 400vtx the models listed above may use either center pin sizes, please verify the size you need. I have a Pro-Star Take a look on the motherboard.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter | Laptop Repair

Great Site, thank you so much for helping us figure gateway 400vtx our lcd problems!! So I knew that the LCD and video are still working fine. I have a Gateway vtx Gateway 400vtx soon as I turn on even during biosthere are horizontal lines of different colors and they seem to move almost giving a scrolling effect on the screen.

Instead of repairing I got an alternativ monitor-but after a month the new monitor goes black after 20 min or so whenever I use it. It would be nice to hook up a test screen and see if it also goes white.


Just in case reseat the VGA cable on both ends. Really, what my problem is my laptop gateway 400vtx having pink color vertical line in my lcd unit.

I torqued the screen this way and that, squeezed it and tugged and pulled gateway 400vtx all the cables, but to no avail. My question is what do you think that high pitched noise was?

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After reading through all the posts here I guess my question is, even though it had the pink hue which points to a CCFL issue, since it now is very gateway 400vtx do you think it is a CCFL issue or an inverter issue? I can reproduce the effect by using the gradient tool in photoshop and sliding the near black gateway 400vtx of a gradated image to the right side of the screen.

Any suggestions gateway 400vtx thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

When booting, the IBM-Splash appears but quite dimafter that everything is dark. On the following image only the left side of the screen gateway 400vtx working properly. What do you think???

I change it and I will tell you if my problem disapears. In my case it was happening because the wireless antenna cable was damaged and the wire got exposed. If there is not even faint content in the dimmed screen screen totally blackgateway 400vtx you can see the picture with an external monitor, then the cable from the video card may have become loose.

If gateway 400vtx, could I use a inverter gxteway another laptop?

Check the lid close switch button. What about external video, is it bad too? Gateway 400vtx color was always great until the last day so there were no symptoms of a fading bulb. How can I resolve this?

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