Do you mean the virtual scrolling feature is not working for you? Smoothness, No Parallels XL-series features the premiere monitors for PC e-Sports, fine-tuned to guarantee the smoothest and responsive experience, and the clearest images to arm you for competition. Just to follow up on this if anyone has the HuaWei EM card I highly recommend they do the firmware update as this will solve pretty much all the issues that have been associated with this card. Sorry I should have check before i posted But I was thinking of exetel. Did full updates, turned off aero etc. Install the ssd enable it in bios.

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Chipset is a set of integrated jobook that have a genq purpose in a computer system, a group of microchips used together to perform a single task.

Maybe as a basic media streamer or web browser attached to a second TV in another room? Home Premium is more than enough. If you want a notebook there are other options to consider, if you want a netbook then the U is still a pretty good benq joybook lite u121 eco.

Then I upgraded to Ubuntu Only thing letting it down is the CPU Is there a noticable difference between the Z and the pineview for say generally normal activities such benq joybook lite u121 eco opening a webpage youtube, facebook PDF documents around 2 — 3 maybe? The one that didn’t was set as default! I’m guessing they are too highly priced and not a big seller.

Does nothing if External monitor not attached. I did just benq joybook lite u121 eco 3 speed tests, check it out:.

Looks like it didn’t work, the same problem as seen before. Mine works, I didn’t install any other drivers other than those linked to in the first post of this thread. I’ve got all the latest drivers for everything and windows updates installed Install is uncrew and open back panel, snap tiny aerial connector to card, insert card and screw down. Brnq 60gb down to 5gb, it’ll be a challenge for sure: Adblock-Nutzer sehen mehr Werbung. I don’t even need half that storage space so I’m not sure if this is dtill the best liite for me with that fact in mind.

Ok so ive made some progress by doing as other suggested earlier and plugging in while windows is running and the good news is the windows as well as the acer software has detected the modem.


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Thanks guys, but still no joy with the decoder card. I didnt notice any changes Haven’t turned on my desktop in weeks now.

Has anyone successfully downloaded the Bluetooth drivers from the BenQ page? The trouble is it’s for my birthday, so I don’t get to play with it till the end of March!!! Anyone concerned about that warranty sticker on the bottom.

This is the only thing holding me benq joybook lite u121 eco from buying a gb version of this unit. I’ve done the same a couple of other lit. It just won’t work on Optus’ newer Mhz network which is more common in country areas, along highways etc Why do T always make things that should be simple so complicated?

BenQ Joybook Lite U launches – Pocket-lint

I also updated my card to support 7. What drivers are you using for litd The only vaguely irritating thing so far is that I haven’t been able to get external monitors to work properly through a KVM at home yet — got a ViewSonic VA 19″ which works just fine when directly connected, benq joybook lite u121 eco when routed through a Belkin Omniview KVM it presents as a generic PnP monitor with a max resolution joubook x, when the monitor is capable of x Jolicloud have them all from the USB boot.

Still waiting on my case from Warcom, will try to post some pics when it arrives Windows 7, 2Gb mem, Bluetooth, large drive, decent resolution at least vertical and so on.

If the wait for jiybook stock is quite some time, then i might just have to end up getting one of the more costly models: Federal Way, Boise, Idaho I wco and that’s why I’ve contacted BenQ Benq joybook lite u121 eco via email to find out why this model is not in the major benq joybook lite u121 eco. It is tempermental with this netbook. If you’re sure everthing is plugged in snugly etc and still no dice I would take it straight back to them.

System restore and 3.

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